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21st August

Summer in London

Slowly but surely, my summer visit to London is drawing to a close. One of the highlights of staying on Sloane Avenue was the annual parade of Supercars, imported for the summer from the Gulf states. There were the usual hideous and noisy ones, but also some gorgeous, sleek convertible Bentleys, and a sexy Bugatti Veyron. The event is now drawing real crowds - an upmarket version of train spotting. Amazing, though, that most of the drivers are so badly, and cheaply, dressed. Clearly the boys have priorities. I suspect if I had a couple of million to spend on a supercar collection I'd not spend my summer driving anti-clockwise around Harrods, but each to their own.

My own aspirations are much more modest, and my next vehicle purchase is going to be a Danbury T2. I'd love to spend a summer exploring the Swedish lakes and the Baltic. I've even started a little piggybank for that purpose.